Join your ProRefero community

Hello, all you budding writers!

Do you work in the theatre industry? Are you a producer, dancer, actor, director, stage manager, designer, AV specialist, LX technician, audio engineer, artist or any other role in the industry?

Have you ever thought about writing your own book, article or blog? 

If so, read on!

We believe sharing knowledge is the answer to many things. Our team is working hard to both write and source engaging content that aims to deliver knowledge through experience.

We Need You!

I think we’ve established that you like to write and want to share your stories. We want to hear them. You may not think of your experiences as being highly valuable to others; trust me, they really are!

I always wanted to write something. Anything. I even started a blog under another name to allow me to write anonymously. I don’t think I published a single post. Then I began to write for the ProRefero blog and I found it a joy. I am by no means a literary genius and will never claim to be, but I did come to realise that I had a good story that people could relate to and could learn something from. So I told it.

I found the hardest part was ‘clicking’ share. Yet the satisfaction that followed was incredible. I feared being ridiculed for writing something and putting it out there. I’m sure some people probably did ridicule it but I didn’t know about it, so it didn’t hurt me. But I did get to know about the 700+ views I had in the first week and the positive feedback I received, from people inside the industry and out.

700+ views from basic social media marketing. The ProRefero blog has industry professionals subscribing to it and views from around the World, including China, USA and Dubai.

The ProRefero blog is different from many other theatre blogs out there; our blog offers industry insights by industry professionals, who want to see the next generation succeed and arts careers prosper.

The ProRefero ethos is to offer engaging stories and experiences that keep our readers captivated, but to also offer the much-needed insights that the professionals learn along the way. We want our readers to finish a post and feel like they prospered from it.

See the blog and vlog guide for more information.


Please get involved by submitting an article. You can submit anything you like but there are a few guidelines we ask you to follow:

  • Think of the little gems of information you know now and wish someone had told you years ago
  • Keep it real-world and true to life, don’t over complicate it
  • It must be your original writing, no plagiarism
  • Keep it positive (think inspirational!)
  • Be creative

Who knows, this may be the beginning of your own autobiography!! 

Please complete the expression of interest form below to register your interest as a ProRefero community writer:

In addition to this, you can contact the ProRefero Team at

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